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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to Leah Hoffman Jewelry Design

Several years ago I tried getting serious about jewelry making. I made some stuff that was okay, mostly beading. At the time I thought it was pretty great. I did fairly well at craft shows, music festivals and art markets around the state. I consigned with a few different stores. The jewelry making business is such a saturated market. There are thousands of women out there beading, you have to have something really special if you want to stand out. It's tough.

After I got pregnant, a lot of people told me that I wouldn't be able to make jewelry anymore. And,  I could feel my creativity waning as my focus shifted to raising my son. I didn't really want to do craft shows anymore. I even started selling my beads online, hoping to recoup some of what I had lost during the time that I was getting serious about jewelry making.  I had bags and bags of beads, but really no motivation to do anything with them. Selling them seemed like my best option. However, being part of online selling community I kept noticing people that were selling jewelry online. I thought I could do that. I needed to get rid of old stock, so I took some fairly decent pictures and sold it at bargain prices. Suddenly, I was once again bitten by the creative bug.  I consulted a friend who makes jewelry and asked her for some tips. She showed me some basics, but honestly I had to sit on that information for a while before I could use it to my advantage. I had to let it soak in.

Becoming a mom really changed my whole perspective on who I am and what I want out of life, but it also really changed the way I look at things in a creative sense.  Not only was I experiencing a whirlwind of creativity, I was having a revelation.  I had discovered different mediums that I hadn't considered before. I had discovered metal in the form of copper wire.  I love working with copper. There's something that is so satisfying about the way it bends and forms around a mandrel or a bead. I love the way it darkens with age, how it shines like a mirror with polish, how easy it is to manipulate and to make stuff out of. I finally found my medium.

I invite you to follow my blog and see what I create in the coming weeks, months, years. All of the jewelry I have for sale is available in my Etsy shop, LeahHoffmanJewelry.  I also accept PayPal, if you'd like to purchase directly. Just send me a message and I can send you an invoice for the product(s) you're interested in purchasing.

Thank you for visiting. Please follow me, and please like me on Facebook:  Leah Hoffman Jewelry Design (on Facebook)

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