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Thursday, December 6, 2012

All About Copper

You might not know this, but the raw copper I work with tends to tarnish rather quickly.  My beautiful rings and necklace pendants are made of the same material that pennies are made of, and you know that over the years pennies turn from a bright and shiny coral color, to a dull dark brown. The same is true with raw copper jewelry. The good news is that it's easy to maintain your beautiful copper jewelry. If your copper starts to turn dark, you can use a very small amount of Tarn-X on a cotton ball, and dab lightly. Worcestershire Sauce and Ketchup also works, but you can be a little more aggressive when using things from the fridge.  After removing the tarnish, if you wish to re-polish you can use a polishing cloth or a polishing block. Polishing blocks are usually found in beauty supply stores or in the nail care aisle. One side buffs lightly, and the other side makes the copper SHINE like nothing else.  I include a polishing block with my Bold Swirl Rings and Bold Swirl Bracelets.

Sherry's Jewels has a great bit of information on taking care of copper jewelry, but she also has a plethora of fun facts about copper.  Sherry's Copper Care Guide

Copper has so many positive attributes.  It's antimicrobial, like silver.  It it believed that wearing copper relieves you from aches and pains.  And, although some people get a green finger from wearing a copper ring, it isn't harmful, it's actually purely chemistry. The more salt you have in your sweat, the more likely you are to get a green finger. This is not indicative of an allergy and the green isn't permanent.  I do not get green finger from wearing my rings, and wear then everyday. I also put a protective glaze inside of my rings to prevent this from happening.

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