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Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Challenge in Sterling Silver

A spool of 24 gauge silver wire sits before me.  I'm about to un-bend the end that is keep the wire coiled around the spool. I grab the end of the wire with my chain nose pliers, pull the wire upward and slide it out of the hole. Suddenly the wire starts unraveling faster than I can stop it. This is not helping to calm my nervousness. I'm about to embark on the world of Trichinopoly in sterling.

Just as it was different making a Bold Swirl Ring in sterling, it was actually even more different and actually more difficult doing viking knit. Silver is more brittle. Working with copper is more fluid, and I never realized that before. Inserting thin wire into loops around a stick is a lot harder when it feels as if the wire is going to *snap* in half!  Not only that, but silver is so stiff.  A process that should take an hour took twice as long.  But, I'm not trying to complain, I'm trying to describe just how much different working with silver was. As I said in my last entry, it's a whole different animal.

So, here is is:


And, here are the specs:

100% sterling silver, this elegant bracelet is strong enough for everyday wear. It's bold design is comprised of 24 gauge double strand, double knit Trichinopoly chain weave, otherwise known as Viking Knit. The handcrafted end caps are of 16 gauge sterling, as well has the hand-formed and hammered end clasps, adorned with 24 gauge sterling silver coil wrap.
The bracelet also features Czech faceted beads, fire-treated for a rainbow gleam. Three crystal clear beads on one side, clear, seafoam and lavender, and fire-polished crystal clear on the other side.

The rope is a whopping 7mm wide! A lot of work and over 20 grams of silver went into this creation.

8" in length from tip to tip 
7-9mm wide

The silver in this bracelet has been oxidized for visual texture, and polished to a mirror like shine. I have used an anti-tarnish solution to keep it looking newer, longer.

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