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Monday, December 31, 2012

Entering a New Chapter in Jewelry Design... Silver

Now, can I play with the big boys? 

 After working with copper for so long, I decided I was ready to delve into the world of silver. Having a stellar Christmas season I had a little extra money, so I invested in three ounces of the good stuff.  A week later, my package arrived.  There is nothing more nerve wracking then having over 100.00 of wire sitting on your work table, and seeing so little of it. The truth is that silver is expensive. With a fledgling jewelry business and not a lot of money to invest, there's not much room for error.

Finally, on Friday night (since I'm such a social butterfly) I got the courage to start on a Bold Swirl Ring. This is my signature piece, always made in copper.  The first thing I noticed was how much more differently silver behaves than copper. It's less forgiving, stiffer, more brittle. You bend it one way, and it doesn't budge. You have to over compensate for the way you want it to curve. Pull it harder. It's a totally different animal.  It also grinds down a lot more with a lighter touch, so I had to adjust the way I filed and applied pressure when I used the Dremmel.  After an hour and a half of heart pounding, nervous working, I was finished, and quite pleased with the result.


  1. You might find working with soft silver wire more to your liking if you have been working with copper a long time. Copper is generally softer than silver in the same temper. Hope that helps.

  2. This was supposed to be "dead soft" sterling, which I ordered from Rio Grande. :)The description of the silver is "dead soft."