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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bold Swirl Rings, Pricing and Gauges Explained

My signature piece is my exclusive Bold Swirl Ring. It's a beautiful spiral ring that's handcrafted with no electrical tools.  I use copper and sometimes sterling silver, your choice.  If you choose sliver I do require a deposit.  Each Bold Swirl Ring comes with a polishing block to keep it shiny and gleaming for years to come.  A 14 gauge swirl ring is standard for a woman. Most of the rings I sell are 14 gauge BSRs.   
 This is an example of a shiny copper Bold Swirl Ring in a 14 gauge.  The Sterling BSR is 119.00.

 They are 49.00 (on Facebook only) shipped.

A 12 gauge Bold Swirl Ring is a bold statement for a woman, or a nice ring for a man when done with three or four strands.  It's a little thicker, has a nice smooth shiny finish. This sterling silver Bold Swirl Ring is made with 12 gauge sterling silver and is 139.00, postage paid. The copper 12 gauge Bold Swirl Ring is 59.00, postage paid.

A 10 gauge Bold Swirl Ring is the largest ring that I make. It makes a great right for a man but can also compliment a woman's hand. This ring is very difficult to manipulate but the results are worth the trouble. A lot of work goes into crafting this ring.  It's 79.00, postage paid.
Here are some examples of the 10 gauge Bold Swirl Ring.  

Bold Swirl Rings are also available in 16 gauge, a more petite look for a smaller hand or someone who likes a smaller ring.  39.00 for 16 gauge copper, 99.00 for 16 gauge sterling silver.

  All silver rings require a 25% non-refundable deposit toward the final price of the ring and are shipped free US Priority Mail. 
If you are interested in obtaining some of my signature rings for yourself or someone you love, let me know. I can make them in virtually any size, from 4-14 and I usually ship within a few days of receiving custom orders.  

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