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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Conquering the Viking (Knit)

I love doing Viking Knit, I wear one (or two) of my Viking Knit bracelets everyday.  Since my audience has grown quite a bit lately, I've decided to focus some attention on these pieces to try to get them noticed a little more. Taking new pictures of old products is a great way to breathe life into something that's been hanging around for awhile.  It's also a good way to see something that you may not have noticed before, such as a tool mark, or a clasp or a bead that just doesn't fit the way it should.

You see, in jewelry making subtle changes can make a huge difference. I tightened up some jump rings, sanded and filed off some tool marks and burrs, I placed each Viking Knit bracelet on my mandrel and hammered the hook and loop end clasps to a soft curve so it fits better on the wrist.  The biggest change I made was to my .925 Sterling Viking Knit bracelets.  I replaced the guts (so to speak) with a thicker, stronger gauge of sterling, took away a useless bead in one case, and on both I replace the closures. From 16 gauge to SUPER heavy duty 12 gauge sterling silver! Forging those twelve gauge clasps (without annealing because I don't have the tools or the expertise) with tools and a hammer was no easy feat, but it added 3 grams of valuable silver to each bracelet and what a difference. They're virtually indestructible. I'm even more confident in my Sterling Silver Viking Knit bracelets.

More good news for my customers is that the price remains at 119.00 shipped (US only) and I do accept international orders for a discounted shipping fee.

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