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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Metal Mix

I had some 24 gauge silver, just enough to do a single strand double-knit Viking Knit bracelet, but I didn't have enough 16 gauge silver to do end caps.  Feeling inspired but a little lost as to what I should do I consulted the ladies (and men) in the two wire wrapping artists groups I belong to on Facebook. The consensus was pretty unanimous, put some copper with the silver. That was the recipe that got my creative engine fired up!  I love this bracelet so much. It is probably my favorite Viking Knit bracelet to date. It's so fun and funky. It features large hole "Pandora" style lampwork beads and a 12 gauge sterling silver hook clasp, 16 gauge copper end caps, single strand double knit sterling silver, and it's been oxidized, tumbled for 24 hours, and hand polished. 89.95 Priority shipped in the USA (international orders please contact me for shipping price.)

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