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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some New Items

I'm always making new things. Here are a couple items I have just listed.

This necklace is a simple Rose Quartz drop wrapped in raw copper and oxidized and hand polished. It's a timeless design with a Leah Hoffman flair.  I made matching end caps and hand made a hook and loop closure. It is suspended on leather cord. It is 22" long. The pendant is about 1.25" long and about .75" wide.
It is available on Etsy, or directly through me. If you order through my blog you get free shipping. (PayPal or Dwolla orders only.)

This next beauty is a raw copper wire weave cabochon wrap. The stone is adventurine. It's said to be good for balancing out female and male energy, for good luck and for Leo and Aries.  I think it's good for looking at, as it's such a beautiful shade of green. 

 It is suspended on a copper plated chain. It  also features hand made hook and loop clasps and end copper end caps

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