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Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Ring Needs a Name (Contest) UPDATED

Currently I'm promoting 50% off any one item in my Etsy store to anyone who can come up with a name for my new ring design. Click Here to go to my Facebook page and suggest a name for this unique, one of a kind ring. It's gotten a lot of  hearts on my Instagram.

This is a new twist on a bold copper ring. It has soft curves and a hammered shank. Made from ultra thick ten gauge copper, this strong ring has substance. I took extra care in making sure this ring would be smooth and rounded, and comfortable to wear. At the finish I dipped the ring into a patina solution and then hand polished it. This patina gives the ring a rich textured look.

It is a size 6.5. With purchase of this ring I include a special polishing block to lightly buff and polish your ring so a mirror like shine.

I am happy to announce the winner of the 50% off discount who had the most votes.Erin with the name "Entwined", which I thought was pretty genius (and so did a lot of other people.)  

Thank you Erin.

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