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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thor's Mjolnir (A Custom Order) UPDATE

Custom orders are always challenging and a bit scary. What your customer envisions may not be what your hands are able to create. Yesterday I was approached by a customer asking if I would be able to make Thor's Mjolnir. Of course I had to Google that one having no idea what "Mjolnir" meant. I saw lots of pictures of what looked like sledgehammers. Eek. What was I going to do?  So, I asked my customer to send a picture of what he had in mind. I used the shape of that as the pattern in which I ultimately crafted the mjolnir. I suspended the pendant on viking knit (double strand double knit), and black leather cord. Everything here is handcrafted. Hand formed. The hammering, the bending, the filing. And, here is the result. I'm very pleased and I certainly hope he is too.

UPDATE:  The customer loves it. He sent me a message declaring that he "f***ing loves it," actually.  I'm so happy.

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