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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Treasure Hunt

Now that I live on the South side of Des Moines there are all kinds of fun new places to explore. This is where we lived when we first moved here five years ago, but after a year or so we moved to West Des Moines where chain restaurants and strip malls rule.  Now, we're back in the old town (and, with the best view of the skyline.) There are a lot of old shops, thrift stores that actually charge thrifty prices (sorry Goodwill), run down little hole in the wall places and a couple of permanent flea markets where people rent spaces to sell their old "junk."

  I love these places. One day while wandering I discovered a glass enclosed cabinet filled with fossils, geodes, different cabochons and polished stones, semi-precious, and lots of other goodies underpriced and just begging to be wrapped up in copper wire. I've been back three times.  One particularly great score has been dyed agate slices. I'm not usually one for...unnatural or dyed stones, but these have proved very popular and once they're wrapped I love them too. And, they're so fun to work with.

 I came up with this design on Thursday and sold the piece that very night.

The next day I went back and bought a few more including this purple agate slice.

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