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Thursday, September 19, 2013

More New Jewelry for September

 I'm having a creative streak this week and I hope I can keep this momentum going throughout the month of September.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Jewelry for September

I love wire weaving and one day I had the bug so I sat down and created this beauty.

 It sold immediately. 

The stone is a yellow agate, it also included a little yellow agate charm that I made to hang from the back of the hand forged copper hook and eye closure.  

My jewelry is always a product of my own vision. I don't rely on patterns and I've never used a tutorial (except at a glance).  I just sit down with a stone, and start creating. Everything I do is freehand. I probably waste a lot of wire on experimentation, but I also learn a lot of new tricks that way.  I probably spend more hours trying out techniques and failing at times, but all of those mistakes help me learn new ways of doing things and from the experience I get better at my craft.

I'm also always trying to find a way to make a low cost line of jewelry. Since my signature is my Bold Swirl Ring I thought why not make a simple swirl, not smoothed out from 18 gauge wire and sell those. I know there have been a lot of tutorials and a lot of folks sell swirl/spiral rings (not the Bold Swirl) on Etsy, but my Simple Swirl Ring is different different in the attention to detail that I give each piece. I use a precision jeweler's file to smooth out the ends of the wire that is tucked in so it is as comfortable as possible for the wearer. I hammer the band for strength and texture. Each ring is tumble finished for eight hours for a smooth, professional finish. After that I add patina and hand polish each ring individually. It's not just a swirl ring that's thrown together in a few minutes. It's a STRONG, sturdy ring that will last a very long time. Despite its small, 18 gauge size it is comfortable and will not bend.  You can click on the photo to order through Etsy, or "like me" and then send me an email on my Facebook page for an exclusive discount.