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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goddess Pendant with a Gothic Twist

I've been trying for weeks to wrap these gorgeous labradorite stones that I purchased.  They are stones, not cabochons so they bring forth quite a challenge for me. They're not uniformly thick and that lopsidedness has caused quite of bit of frustration for me. I think I've attempted six different wraps and each one of them just wouldn't hold the stone or looked terrible. But, in my attempts I have managed to make some pretty good stuff with other stones. Sometimes I'll be starting to wrap one of the beautiful labradorite stones and I'll realize that even though it doesn't work with that stone it works well with another stone. This is how this particular pendant came to be.

The weaving started as a possible bail for a labradorite but this red poppy jasper donut was too irresistible.  I fit the wires through the hole and I knew it was meant to be.
I added some more weaving, and some criss-crosses and a few swirls.  On the reverse is a goddess reaching toward Heaven.

The pendant is suspended on hand-woven viking knit chain.

Everything here is handcrafted by me, except for the link chain (which I buy from a fellow artisan who lives in Maine.)

I am particularly proud of the hook and eye clasp I forged. These strong 12 gauge wire clasps are made from recycled electrical wire (as all of my wire is recycled), heated, formed and hammered until they're virtually indestructible.

If you're interested in purchasing this necklace or to inquire about a price please send me a message by using the form on the left side of my blog page.

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