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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It Should Be Called 'Jeweler's Elbow' and BIG News!

October was rough. I only managed to get one set done.  If I could have I definitely would have made more jewelry but I was nursing severe pain in my elbow that radiated through my arm and down to my wrist, and weakness. I couldn't grasp the steering wheel in my car let alone a hammer. Finally I went to the sports medicine clinic where they diagnosed me with tennis elbow, AND golfer's elbow, and to add to that, nerve damage.  I was ordered to step away from the work bench for a while to let it heal.

During the month I started on a project, just to keep my sanity. I got an arm brace and I worked very gently.  My mom came to visit for two weeks from Florida so that kept my mind off of jewelry, but a a few minutes every few days or so I'd do a little more. Ideas flowing, I just can't let them expire.

It took about three weeks, but here is my October creation. And, it sold!

It's a blue agate with a crystal druzy center. I also made my FIRST pair of earring to complete the set.

November has proven to be a pretty productive so far. The elbow is feel better with rest and the purchase of a nifty elbow brace that puts pressure on both sides of my arm to alleviate the pain of Jeweler's Golfer's/Tennis elbow. I made a beautiful necklace with a Carnelian leaf I bought at the Des Moines Gemstone and Fossil Show last month. I used wire weaving and complimented the ruddy orange pendant with blue and green accents, it really popped!  I even crafted the chain with agate donuts and the same blue/green stones.

It sold immediately, like, the day after it was posted.

Currently I'm working on this. I have the pendant done, but I'm still trying to figure out what to suspend it from, I'm toying with the idea of dark brown leather cord and chain, but I need to figure out how to make it hang right.  Here is a preview:

If you come across my blog and you're interested in purchasing any of my jewelry please send me a message via my Facebook fan page Leah Hoffman Jewelry on Facebook or you can email me at

Now, I have HUGE news for my blog readers.  I have had to move my work space from a sunny green room with my workbench facing a window with a pretty view of the back yard to... the dank, gray basement with a pretty view of the wall. But I can't let the baby sleep in the basement, so the spare bedroom which was being used for my workspace was the obvious choice for a nursery. My husband and I are expecting another baby, due in June.

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