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Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Jewelry for November 2013

Recently a friend from town who also is a member of the wire wrapping jeweler's group I belong to clued me in on a gem trunk show at a local jewelry supply and bead shop, Fishlips 3. I found such gorgeous specimens, including this lovely agate donut (napkin ring) with tons of vibrant and (according to the man conducting the trunk show) natural undyed colors. A customer requested matching earrings.
This next piece was one of those that I was so frustrated with, I was about to give up. I had woven a base but had no idea how I was going to apply it to the stone.  It was getting late so I went to bed.  In the morning I had my eureka moment.  I finished it that morning and it's turned out to be on of my most intricate and favorite pieces to date.

This next piece one that includes one of the coolest looking stones I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It's an "Ocean Jasper."  I got it at the gem trunk show, but it was on a strand of other stones. There were a lot of strands, but I could only choose one, and the choice was a very difficult one.  After much deliberation I chose the strand with this baby.  And, I was finally able to put the pink and gray silk ribbon I bought months ago to good use.  I am very happy with this piece.

I'm kind of on a roll this month. 

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