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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We are our Own Worst Critics

My newest pendant
 A few months ago I completed a project for my friend Kristy at Veggie Beauty.  (Visit Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics for earth friendly, cruelty free vegan cosmetics)  It was a promotional piece for her Game of Thrones inspired collection (available HERE!)

Skip ahead to last week when my friend discovered the picture on my Facebook fan page and shared it on her timeline.  Her fiance took notice, and sent me a private message, asking if I could make the same necklace for her.  The truth is that each of my pieces is unique, and other than my Bold Swirl Ring I cannot replicate a piece. But, I told him that her necklace would be inspired by the original piece.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy.  I had a gorgeous labradorite stone that I've tried to wrap before and caused me nothing but frustration. The difference is that this is a stone and not a cabochon. A cabochon is flat on the back. This was definitely not flat on the back, so the pendant wouldn't lay flat, and I had to figure out how to position the bail so that the pendant wouldn't turn sideways while being worn. I was happy with the decoration around the bail though, but I made the mistake of asking some opinions of some fellow artists who are in an online group where I post.  Everyone was very positive about the piece. One person did make a suggestion to make some changes, and it happened to be a very renowned artist who writes books and teaches courses.
Game of Thrones Collection from Pumpkin & Poppy
LOOK at how the colors perfectly match the necklace!
  Suddenly, I panicked. I started rearranging things. And, the truth is that I should have left well enough alone; Instead, I overworked the wire.  You may not see the flaws, but I do, and I can't help but beat myself up over what I see.  You see, I'm such a perfectionist and I set a very high standard for myself.
  I don't think the revised version is as good as the original version of the pendant. But, I'm glad to report that the customer's fiancee loved the necklace, which was an incredible relief.


  1. I see absolutely no flaws! And trust me when I say I've looked at this piece. It is breathtakingly beautiful and I can not thank you and my honey enough fit making this part of my Leah Hoffman collection!

  2. Leah we artists are often too hard on ourselves. I think this piece is beautiful and it obviously turned out the way it was meant to. I think sometimes the stone knows what it needs better then we do!