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Monday, March 24, 2014

Stormy: A Dyed Agate Stone Landscape wrapped in Reclaimed Copper

Yesterday was one of those rare days where everything went  without a hitch. We met friends who were visiting in town at their hotel, the kids swam, and after that we went out to The Ye Olde Spaghetti Factory for an Italian lunch.  My five year old son, who tends to be a bit extremely picky ate every bite on his plate, as well as some of ours.  He and my friends daughters got along so well that he even got a hug from the 8 year old.  When we got home my husband and my son went into our bedroom to rest. I retreated into the basement, and I got to work.

I got this beautiful dyed agate at the gem show in Des Moines last year.  It was my favorite stone, even though it isn't exactly natural.  It's been sitting on my bench for quite a while, and I finally got the inspiration to do something with it.  I wasn't sure that such a detailed wrap was right for such a highly saturated stone.  I'm still not entirely sure.

Because the stone reminded me of a picture of a stormy sky I purposely sanded down a jagged piece of wire going down to signify a lightening bolt. I hope my vision doesn't look more like the mistake of an inexperienced wire artist.  That's one thing I'm worried about in this piece.  So far though, the response on Facebook has been very positive.

I'm happy with it. I'm happy whenever I get the chance to escape the day to day monotony and mom-challenges and do something creative.  Here is the necklace:

If you're interested, please visit my photo album on Facebook for more details, price and specifications.

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