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Friday, November 14, 2014

Get into the Groove

It's been awhile, huh? I've been busy with my new baby daughter, Isla Faye, along with navigating the new school experience with my Kindergartener. It's hard to make time to create, and I apologize that I have been so non-existent here.  I created another person, so I feel I get a pass.
Finally, the muse called, but not without a small re-adjustment period.

I made my first Tree of Life. I was not pleased with the result. This is an established design, mostly done in the same style, and there is actually a process that works really well. There are a hundred different tutorials on how to make this piece. I'm stubborn though and was determined to figure it out on my own. I wanted to make something with a nice, thick trunk. I wanted mine to be different. I failed in my attempt. Ugh. But, I *might* have sold it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if it makes someone happy and they love it, I can't complain too much. I'll call it practice.

The next piece turned out a lot better. I have a beautiful Lapis donut sitting on my bench for a while. I started working on it yesterday, and from start to finish everything flowed really well. 

I love this piece. I haven't completed the endcaps and clasp yet, but I'm hoping I can get those parts done this weekend. (It's Friday.)

Hopefully it won't take me five months to make my next piece. Even with a baby in the house it's important for me to take time to work on my own endeavors. She's still sleeping through the night, but she's also awake a lot during the day. I went without nursing for FOUR HOURS yesterday because my face was buried in the wire. I'm sure as she gets older things will improve. They're only babies for a short time. I intend to enjoy her as much as possible while I can.

UPDATE:  The piece is sold, I made the endcaps and the clasp, and it's all ready to go. I wish I could make and sell a piece of jewelry every day. Man... that would be the life, wouldn't it?

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