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Monday, March 2, 2015

A Quick Start, and a Slow Finish

Last week I finished what turned out to be one of my most favorite creations to date. I tend to hold on to stones for a long time. I finally got around to wrapping up an intarsia obsidian/labradorite I bought a couple of years ago. I thought that some new jewelry might pique the interest of some customers and they might just want to take a look at some of the older jewelry I still have for sale. My strategy worked. In the past week I've sold 4 items, which for me is pretty exciting.

The wrap started off quickly, I mean, the Wire Gods must have been on my side that day because I finished that puppy in less than two days. I have two kids, my studio is downstairs, it takes me a while because I have a lot of interruptions. After the pendant was complete it was time for me to fabricate some kind of chain, or cord to suspend it on. That didn't go as smoothly.


So, I had this awesome idea to VIKING KNIT some fine leather cord. 
It took forever, but I knew it was going to be the perfect cord. 

Viking Knit with the Tool I Made
But, pulling it through the draw plate I couldn't get the weave to pull tight enough, and ultimately BROKE the leather, right down the middle. It wasn't even long enough to salvage a bracelet from.

I ended up making a hanger with some really thick wire, and some end caps, and fitting it to a raw copper chain, which worked out rather well.

And, it sold before it was even finished. I love that kind of pressure.

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