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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Get Over It!

I bought some beautiful stones a couple of months ago, one of which was the most incredible purple square labradorite. I lost it. Yep... after wrapping it up I put it in the tarnishing solution, pulled it out, and was all ready to polish it up when one of my children needed me. I set it on the counter, and suddenly, it was gone. It took me a while to get the motivation to make anything else. (I still haven't found it...)

I then created this beauty for a potential customer, but the sale fell through. It is still available however, and is only 55.00 with 3.00 shipping.

But, suddenly I got "the bug" again, and came up with this... And, what I've noticed about my best pieces is that they often flow so easily. I make them with little effort, it's sort of like something has guiding my hands as I create. I love this new piece, a labradorite with a garnet accent, using metal smith techniques, filigree soldering (which I need more practice with, I will admit), and wire wrapping techniques. All of the materials (except the chain) has been made with resourced, reclaimed copper, meaning in a former life this necklace had a current of electricity running through it, powering the lights or an appliance in somebody's home. Obviously for this pendant that was a good omen.

It is 85.00 plus 3.00 shipping, and comes in a lovely gift box. If you're interested please send me an email.