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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Put Down the Labradorite!

I've had a little Lapis cab for a couple of years, just sitting in a box, waiting... Labradorite seems to have taken over my cab-stash, and for good reason. It's so beautiful, it's in high demand, and each piece is it's own unique show. But, here is a new piece which was a departure from the usual. Gold flecked Lapis. And, the wrap was actually made of scrap wire from other pieces that have piled up on my ever-so-messy work bench.

I love this small and simple wrap.

As of November 20th 2016, it hasn't been claimed. If you're interested in this piece, send me a message on FB, or an email.

5 Stars

A while back I noticed that some of my, er... colleagues(?) had reviews of their jewelry pages, and whatever other handmade products they make on their Facebook business pages. I decided it was probably a good idea to turn those on for mine. A small handful of folks own one of my pieces, so I didn't expect anyone to bother going to my page to write a review, but they did. It may have helped that I posted my decision on my personal FB, but most of my posts about my jewelry stuff tend to be ignored. I'm not a marketing genius or anything. The things they have said about my jewelry have been so kind. So far, I have a perfect five star average.

Here are some of the reviews:

I love everything Leah makes and own a few pieces myself. Her artistry and craftsmanship are amazing and I can't wait to see what else she comes up with. #lifelongfanhere

I asked Leah to create two custom pieces, necklaces for my daughters. We were blown away when we received them. Beautiful detail. I can't wait for my girls to see them. Thank you, Leah.

So talented. Such beautiful work. I have purchased many items for myself and as gifts and will continue to do so!

I have purchased several pieces from Leah Hoffman Jewelry Design and I absolutely adore each one! The stones are gorgeous,yes, but the true beauty is how she uses old used copper wiring and creates such breathtaking artwork that i can wear daily. I tell everyone about her when they ask about my necklaces. I will always choose Leah Hoffman Jewelry Design for all my wire wrapping/stone jewelry, hands down!
Click here to read more reviews...

I have also made a few new things this month...

This first piece is a gorgeous Labradorite, wrapped in copper (of course) and as of 11/20/16 it hasn't been claimed. If you're interested, please send me an email

Check out the GLOW of this gorgeous Labradorite!